The greatest challenge of any leader is to make his or her Vision stick. To have it permeate into the very culture of his or her organization. There are many things working against the stickiness of your vision. Change, complexity, failure, time, life.

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How can we help you and your organization?

Vision Discovery Process

This 12 week process involves begins with doing research on the past history and ends with a 4 Day team collaboration that allows to get to the your Vision - preferred future of your organization. This collective process is meant to work alongside the Leader and his/her team so there is a renewed sense of excitement, and ownership in your organization.

Leadership Development

Great leaders aren't just born, many times they are intentional crafted and build to lead. This 12-16 week process begins with leadership assessment survey and ends with the creation of the leadership development pipeline. We spend at least 2 weeks 1 on 1 with the Organization Leader and Executive Team.

Communication Strategy

Effective Communication is more science than art. Without a Communication Strategy, you are losing great opportunities to make your vision and message to be seen and heard. This 8 -12 week process will help you with your Creative, Branding and Messaging strategy across all channels.

Strategic Plan Process

This 4-8 week collective process that will equip your team to set and achieve short-term goals.

Consulting Team

Jinu Thomas

Jinu Thomas has spent 15 years in the manufacturing, technology and pharmaceutical world. He then founder a non-profit called Collyde. Jinu is a strategic thinker and works with leaders to develop vision, communications, strategy and developing their leadership teams.

Jim Bennett

Jim Bennett is a seasoned senior consultant and who has worked over 25 years for a management consulting firm. Jim has an extraordinary ability to develop leaders and achieve results within cross-functional and cross-company teams on business initiatives.

Steve Sargent

Steve Sargent is a entreprenuer that launched many successful small businesses and owns a marketing firm. He currently is also the Executive Director of Southridge Community Church. Steve's strengths are change management, vision clarity and ministry development.